Land-based Jobs Grow Fuel, Food and Future

In a recently published study of tweets—yes, they’re studying tweet-trends—a UVM research team found our state rated among the happiest in the nation, though generally the trend is spiraling down. And last year, when Gov. Peter Shumlin asked followers on Facebook and Twitter what they loved about Vermont, responses included maple syrup, clean water, beauty, skiing, swimming, and community. All shared one thing in common: a stable, healthy, and clean environment.

Here “sustainable jobs” and “green economy” are not just words, they are being translated into policies and programs that help Vermonters live healthier lifestyles. Almost 20 years ago, seeing the economy’s interdependence with the health of both land and families, some Vermont legislators saw that our future lay along an ecological path. They created the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund (VSJF), according to the fund’s webpage, “to strengthen the statewide economic intersection of Vermont’s working landscape.”

Since its establishment in 1995, VSJF and its programs have accelerated the development of Vermont’s green economy. It does this, its website explains, by providing “financing, technical assistance, and networking resources to Vermont businesses committed to creating jobs, products, and services in the fields of renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and forestry.” The VSJF office is in Montpelier.

“We are systems thinkers,” VSJF’s executive director Ellen Kahler told Vermont Woman in a recent interview. “We keep an eye on the big picture of how different markets are evolving, try to identify gaps and barriers to markets working better, and build networks of organizations and businesses who can work collaboratively to unlock market potential.”


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