Witnessing, recording, reflecting on Turkey’s opposition to having a park torn down to be replaced by a shopping mall

The good thing about 2013 is the divide between human interests and needs, and the plutocratic interests and needs, is becoming more clearly demarcated on a seemingly daily basis, as watchdogs, whistle blowers and whole nations of people stand up and say “NO! We don’t want you ruling our lives.”

As someone who is solidly footed in my 63rd year this time around, as someone who was part of the protesting of the late 60s and through the 70s, as someone who stuck out her thumb and successfully and safely hitchhiked coast to coast in the US, and borders to borders in the UK, as someone who has never believed that any religious, political, ethnic or racial difference exists between me and anybody, I am proud of being human right now.

And, I am grateful to those with the youth and stamina and enough frustration and wisdom to stand in front of water cannons and tear gas, and who perhaps innately understand that the People en masse wanting freedom and their inalenable rights back, is a powerful tool… I am grateful to all you millions taking to the streets in non-violent protest.

This is along the order of magnitude as Woodstock was – where a million people can come together in peace and love and music. As governments, corporations and private interests try to pit us against each other, we keep finding commonalities with each other. Millions of people successfully avoided getting engulfed by the flames of tyranny turned on humans, and stoically and bravely put their bodies on the line to say, “this stops here.”

The names of the hero’s and heroine’s who have lost their lives in this protest across the globe so far are far too many, but surprisingly low. One would think this kind of passion exemplified on streets around the world, would provoke heated even violent interactions. Well… we Humans have been pretty much saying “nyet” to the violence, and while yelling and passionate and confronting with one’s body, the oppressor’s minions, still, remain compassionate, loving and HUMAN.

And that is why I believe we cannot fail.

What sets us apart from corporations and gov’t entities, IS our humanity. Our righteous anger is finding eloquent and elegant expression… and we stand in solidarity globally with one another. And yes, in part because of place like blogs like this, or Facebook, or email – the Internet. Knowledge is power. In this case, knowing there is a global struggle to overcome the plutocratic tyranny that is taking over our lives and governments, and that we are not alone – whether we are in Turkey, or Burma, or Vermont or the streets of Paris or Istanbul… we are all one. We. Are. All. One.

And we are starting to wake up to this concept. And starting to see what that means. Empowering us, blessing us with this understanding.

This post is dedicated to all my Sisters and Brothers around the globe who are standing up for human centered living, a system that put’s people first, and where no one has to live without enough. There’s plenty to go around. And I believe the PEOPLE of the World would share it. Its the corporate stranglehold on food, water, land and housing resources, and the false flag of fear of one another placed there as part of the agenda, that is what is wrong.

The People’s voice is strong. And it is ringing more and more insistently in our corporate offices and governing bodies. This is a wonderful time to be alive and in solidarity with this global movement to remove corporate tyranny, and restore the People’s rights and freedoms. What a wonderful time to be alive and witnessing.


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